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BlackBerry Priv To Get Camera And Keyboard Improvements With New Update


At roughly the start of every month, Google has enforced every OEM, including the BlackBerry, to deliver an OTA containing fixes to various security flaws. Now BlackBerry has announced the Priv is set to receive a maintenance release update in June next week aligning with the security update.

However, for now, they have released an update which brings a ton of improvements to the Priv’s camera and keyboard. The camera now has advanced shooting capabilities which let the user control various camera parameters such as shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, focus, white balance and exposure.

The update also brings shortcuts to the phone’s physical keyboard for camera controls with one example of using the spacebar to take a picture.

For a complete list of all the new changes and features, check out the source link below.

The updates to both apps are available to download from the Play Store.

[BlackBerry Blog]

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