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Galaxy Note 4 Press - 1

The Next Big Thing Is Here! The Note 4 Is Official!!

The wait is over boys and girls! Samsung has officially announced the next iteration of the Note and it's very much the beast we all expected it to be. (more…)


Here Is The Motorola Nexus 6

The Nexus 6 is set to be the hottest smartphone of Q4 …

HTC One M8 Amber Gold

A New HTC One (M8) Variant Is Coming With A 13MP Camera

  I remember there were rumours before the HTC One (M8)’s announcement …

Angry Birds Transformers

Check Out This Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay Trailer

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds or a fan of Transformers …


Samsung Galaxy Alpha Now Available On Bell And Virgin

Good news for those of you looking for a slightly more compact …

Sony Xperia Z3 Unboxing

Check Out This Underwater Unboxing Of The Sony Xperia Z3

There are some things that people do simply because they can and …

Oppo Frame Choice

How’s This For Choice – Oppo To Offer The N3 In Aluminum Lithium Alloy OR Stainless Steel

As consumers, we love choice.  The ability to pick and choose different …


Nexus 6 Leaked Again

It was only yesterday when 9to5Google broke the news of the next …

Bend Test

Watch A Collection Of Phones Undergo The Dreaded “Bend Test”

In case you’ve somehow been living under a rock the last few …

Oppo Lithium-Aluminum Alloy

Oppo To Use Lithium-Aluminum Alloy For N3

  Well the mystery is no more.  Oppo has announced that the …

Amazon App Store

Amazon’s Giving Away A Bunch Of Premium Apps Again!

Okay app hoarders, we’ve got another collection of free stuff to share …


This Could Be What The Nexus 6 Looks Like

As we get closer and closer to the rumoured Nexus event next …

Oppo Aluminium

Looks Like Oppo Will Be Using Aluminium For The N3

  Just yesterday Oppo hinted that they would be using an Aerospace Grade …