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Pebble Time Now Up For Pre-Order

Pebble Time


The Pebble was undoubtedly one of the true pioneers in the wearable craze and they’re back with their sequel.  Meet the Pebble Time.  The Pebble Time had actually launched a little while back through KickStarter and with shipping on those order wrapping up they have opened up pre-orders for the rest of us.  US residents can pre-order through BestBuy while international buyers will need to visit the website (although I’m sure this will come to BestBuy Canada in the future).

So what’s new on the Pebble Time?  Well first off, we now have a beautiful colour e-paper display.  That’s right, you get that same battery saving technology that e-paper offers but with colour!  The Time also introduced  Pebble’s revamped UI which functions similarly to Google’s Card system.  Top that off with a built in mic for voice memos and voice mails and you’ve got a pretty solid wearable.

Again, this has been available through KickStarter for a little while now so reviews are starting to pop up online if you want to know more!