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Samsung Gear VR For The S6 And S6 Edge Coming July 14

Gear VR S6


If you’re a virtual reality junkie and have a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on hand then you may want to mark July 14 on your Calendars.  That’s the day that Samsung will officially begin selling their virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, for the S6 and Edge here in Canada.  BestBuy currently have the VR headsets available for pre-order and have the release date listed for July 14, 2015.  The headset, which was devloped with Oculus VR, will cost $250 so it’s definitely not going to be in everyone’s price range

While you may wonder why Samsung is charging so much for a VR headset when you can get a basic Google Cardboard for pennies, the Gear VR does have an quite an edge over Cardboard.  Not only is it a much more durable design with better build materials, it comes with a head tracking module that greatly enhances the overall experience.  I have yet to give it a try personally but reviews I’ve read for previous generation Gear VR’s have primarily been positive.

Anyone thinking of picking this up?