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BNIB Scams.

Just a quick little note here. BNIB for those who don’t know is “Brand New In Box” Doing some research, I found instances where people had got a used phone in a factory sealed box, or no phone at all. This Actually happen to a close friend of mine, which prompted me to write this quickly as a word of caution, plus a few tips to help you avoid this yourself in the future.

People have got crafty and learnt how to wrap their boxes to make them look factory sealed; (The guys at HMV do this to DVDs all the time, they use shrink wrap and a heat gun. Ask them about it ^_~, I’ve seen it.) All phones have IMEI numbers on the box and normally under the battery of the phone. Calling the carrier the phone belongs to, you are able to provide this IMEI number to the rep on the phone, he/she will be able to tell you if the phone has been reported stolen, how old it is, and if it’s still under warranty.  My friend opened a “Factory sealed box” to find a scuffed BlackBerry torch with a couple scratches on the screen. This “Factory sealed” phone was over 7 months old and had 2,000 minutes logged on it.

Remember to check those IMEI numbers. Even if it’s a used phone, it’s a great way to make sure its not stolen, and to confirm its age and warranty.

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