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Unlock Optimus G bootloader with a new tool

Looks like it’s got itself a new tool to unlock the bootloader …


RAZR HD LTE Added To Unlocked Bootloader List

Good news for anyone who is planning to pick up the new …


Planning To Unlock Your Sony’s Boot Loader…Hold On A Second

Several companies are starting to release boot loader unlocking tools.  This was …


HTC One X gets flavours of CM9 and AOKP

For those of you out there with a flourish for the flashing, have no …


HTC Updates Bootloader policy: No Warranty, Support with Unlock

Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO and frequenter of Facebook, has been clear about his company’s upcomingbootloader …


How To Get Data Working on Unlocked Androids.

If you have a carrier locked phone that you’ve unlocked yourself or …