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LG G Watch - 1

LG G Watch Leak Hints It Will Be Sold On Google Play

With Google I/O just a week away, the LG G Watch is …


LG Trademarks “G Prime” Name

It really seems like 2014 may be the year of the “prime”, …

LG G Watch - 6

LG G Watch Launch Date Leaked!

  The first batch of Android Wear devices will soon be upon …

LG G Watch - 4

Rumour: Google Giving Away The LG G Watch To I/O Attendees!

  If you happen to be one of those lucky duckies who’s …

LG QuickCircle Case

LG Demos G3 Features In New Tutorials

The LG G3 is slowly making its way out (I believe it’s …

Android Wear Developer

Android Developers Talk About Designing Apps For Android Wear

  It is expected that Android Wear will be one of the …

LG G Watch Faces 2

Check Out These Watch Faces And Boot Animation From LG’s G Watch

Android Wear devices will soon be upon us and I couldn’t be …

LG G3 Official

A Metal G3 Would Allegedly Cost An Extra $300!

  For many mobile consumers nowadays (or at the very least, least …

LG QuickCircle Case

Here’s LG’s First G3 Promo

The LG G3 was officially announced yesterday and the device looks great. …

LG G3 Official

The LG G3 Is Here – Simple Is The New Smart

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last while …

LG G3 Teaser

LG G3 Live Stream Is Live Now!!

Check it out boys and girls! [YouTube]

LG G3 vs HTC M8

LG G3 Poses Next To A HTC One M8

    For those of you who are curious about the size …