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LG G Watch - 8

LG Teases Their Upcoming G Watch Again – Will Come In Stealth Black And Champagne Gold

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really excited to see …

LG G3 Leak

Possible LG G3 Specs Leak In Sprint User Agent Profile

The LG G3 leaks have been steadily filtering onto the interwebs the …

LG G3 Leak

LG G2 Hits End Of Life On Bell – More Evidence That The G3 Is En Route?

  Here’s another one of those stories that could be something or …

LG Isai FL Pink

Pretty In Pink – LG Isai FL Leaks Again, This Time With Some Specs!

  While we will likely never see the LG Isai FL in …

LG G3 Leak

Is This The LG G3??

And the LG G3 news and rumours just keeps on coming!  Today …

LG G3 Gold

LG Going Gold With The G3

Yet another small detail has emerged regarding LG’s upcoming flagship device, the …

LG G3 Concept

LG G3 To Debut In June And Launch In July

  For all of you out there anxiously awaiting LG’s new flagship …

LG G3 QHD Screen

LG G3 Photo Leaks – QHD Display Confirmed Again!

  LG will be the last of the big 4 tech companies …

LG G3 Screen Shot

Alleged LG G3 Screenshot Shows Off New UI Featuring Flatter Icons

  Any LG fans out there?  Well we’ve got a tasty little …

LG G Watch - 3

Rumour: LG Already Working On A G Watch Sequel

  LG is moving rather fast and furious in the wearable market …