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Google To Release An 8.9-Inch Tablet This Year

After the absence of a new 2nd-generation Nexus 10 last fall, many …


All New HTC One To Have Combined Camera Resolution Of 16MP

It’s great to finally say that we now have a considerable amount …

HTC One Captain America

HTC One To Make A Cameo In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  Looks like HTC is looking to leverage Marvel’s new movie, Captain …

HTC M8 Teaser Facebook

HTC To Launch The M8 Immediately After The Announcement?

  The 25th is nearly upon us boys and girls.  That means …

HTC Teaser Zoe

HTC’s Latest Teaser Highlights Zoe

It’s possible that this may be the last HTC teaser we see …

Sense 6.0

Here’s What You Can Expect In Sense 6.0

  Just when you thought there wasn’t any more to see for …


Telus Says The All New HTC One Will Cost $229 On-Contract

  Well it looks like we’ve got a confirmed price for the …

HTC M8 Spigen The All New One

Spigen Already Selling HTC M8 Cases – Ship In April

  If you’re planning on buying the All New One from HTC …

The All New HTC One Wild

The All New HTC One Made Its Way To A Tennis Match

  Looks like someone’s testing out the new camera on the All …

HTC M8 Dot Case

Cool HTC M8 Cases And Confirmation Of A GPE?

I’m sorry to keep flooding you guys with M8 news but it …

HTC M8 Teaser Ultra Pixel

HTC’s Latest Teaser Highlights The Ultra-Pixel Camera

HTC has yet another teaser video to share with us.  In this …

04 - 7a5E4hH

The All New HTC One May Feature Wireless Charging

  Surprise surprise…we’ve got another HTC one leak to pass your way. …