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The All New HTC One Launch Event

Here’s Where To Check Out The Live Stream For The All New HTC One Event

The All New HTC One launch event is just around the corner and …


Google To Release An 8.9-Inch Tablet This Year

After the absence of a new 2nd-generation Nexus 10 last fall, many …


All New HTC One To Have Combined Camera Resolution Of 16MP

It’s great to finally say that we now have a considerable amount …

HTC One Captain America

HTC One To Make A Cameo In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  Looks like HTC is looking to leverage Marvel’s new movie, Captain …

HTC M8 Teaser Facebook

HTC To Launch The M8 Immediately After The Announcement?

  The 25th is nearly upon us boys and girls.  That means …

HTC Teaser Zoe

HTC’s Latest Teaser Highlights Zoe

It’s possible that this may be the last HTC teaser we see …

Sense 6.0

Here’s What You Can Expect In Sense 6.0

  Just when you thought there wasn’t any more to see for …


Telus Says The All New HTC One Will Cost $229 On-Contract

  Well it looks like we’ve got a confirmed price for the …

HTC M8 Spigen The All New One

Spigen Already Selling HTC M8 Cases – Ship In April

  If you’re planning on buying the All New One from HTC …

The All New HTC One Wild

The All New HTC One Made Its Way To A Tennis Match

  Looks like someone’s testing out the new camera on the All …

HTC M8 Dot Case

Cool HTC M8 Cases And Confirmation Of A GPE?

I’m sorry to keep flooding you guys with M8 news but it …

HTC M8 Teaser Ultra Pixel

HTC’s Latest Teaser Highlights The Ultra-Pixel Camera

HTC has yet another teaser video to share with us.  In this …