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YouTube Music Key - 5

No YouTube Music Key For Canada…At Least Not Right Now

Sad news guys.  It looks like we here in Canada are once again …

Nexus 6

Rogers Will Also Carry The Nexus 6 – Reservations Open

  Now this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise but …

YouTube Key

YouTube Music Key Is Official And Will Be Bundled With All Access

A couple of months back we detailed a potential new service that …

Lollipop Statue

Lollipop For The Nexus 4 Is “Locked And Loaded!”

Lollipop has officially begun its roll out to the Nexus 5, Nexus …

Hands Free

“Hands Free” Coming To Nexus Devices Soon?!?

  Looks like Google may have “borrowed” yet another feature from Motorola. …

Motorola Nexus 6

Nexus 6 Pre-Orders Will Open November 18 On The Play Store

  If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the Nexus 6 we have a …


Google and LG Agree To A 10-Year Patent Deal

  It looks like LG and Google’s partnership has reached a totally …


Nexus 9 Now In Stock, Starts Shipping Tomorrow

  For those interested in purchasing Google’s and HTC’s latest flagsip tablet, …

Google Docs Editors

Material Design Everywhere! Google Updates A Slew Of Their Apps

Even though most devices won’t get Lollipop for a little while still, …

Inbox by Gmail

Google Releases A New E-Mail Client – Introducing Inbox

An interesting app has just been released by Google.  Introducing Inbox by …

Google Transfer Instructions

Google Provides Guide To Help Migrate IOS Users To Android

  Getting a new phone is an exciting time but setting up …

HTC Nexus 9

Here Are A Couple Nexus 9 Hands On Videos!

The Nexus 9 is a stunning tablet and these hands on videos …