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Google Discounts Nexus 5X And 6P By $50 In Canada, Sale Ends May 6th

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to gift your own …

HTC One Nexus

HTC Nexus’ Codenamed M1 And S1

HTC is building a pair of Android N devices for Google internally …

PodCasts Google

Podcasts Have Landed On Google Play Music

I’ve become a bit of a Podcast junkie over the past month …


Android N Is Referred To As New York Cheesecake Internally

The Android N Preview has been out and about for nearly a …

Android N

Android N Has Landed!!!!

Well this sure came out of nowhere.  Google has just released the Android …

Nexus One

Rumour: HTC Has Signed A 3-Year Deal With Google To Manufacture The Nexus

The Nexus devices remain the gold standard among Android enthusiasts and purists. …


Google I/O 2016 Registrations Open On March 8th

Google has now officially announced the registration date for its annual developer …

New Google Interface

Is Google Getting Rid Of The App Drawer?

Run Forrest Run! Or walk, or drive, or bike. #MapsAtTheMovies — Google …

Google Music Sale

Google’s Play Music Subscriptions Are Half Price!!

If you haven’t jumped onto Google’s Play Music yet (and I don’t …

Nexus 5X Sale

Nexus 5X Discount Ending On February 12!

If you’re planning on grabbing the awesome and reasonably priced Nexus 5X which …


Google Lowers The Nexus 5X Price Yet Again, 16GB Model Now Starts At $389

Only a couple of weeks after the initial $60 price earlier this …

Nexus 5X Official - 1

The Nexus 5X Has Dropped In Price!

If you were wanting to buy the Nexus 5X but weren’t to …