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Nexus Protect

The Nexus Protection Program Has Come To Canada!

We’ve got some pretty exciting news to pass your way!  Google has …

Google Devices Banner

Google Will Consider Making Their Own Phone

Ever since its introduction, if you wanted a phone that was the …

Google Maps

Google Finally Adds Offline Navigation To Maps

Google Maps is without a doubt the most popular map application in …

Nexus 5X Official - 2

Nexus 5X Now Available Through Canadian Carriers

  As previously mentioned, the Nexus 5X is now available through select …

Nexus 6P Crack

Nexus 6P Back Glass Spontaneously Cracking?

Often times when a new device launches an issue arises that causes a …

Nexus 5X Official - 2

Nexus 5X Launching On November 10 On Canadian Carriers

  The Nexus 5X has been available through the Google Store for a …

SaskTel Character

SaskTel To Carry The Nexus 5X, Galaxy A5 And Galaxy S5 Neo

It looks like regional carrier SaskTel is looking to bolster their line …

Nexus 6P Official - 1

The Nexus 6P Has Hit Canadian Carriers!

  The Nexus 6P is officially available through a variety of Canadian …

Chrome OS

Google Says Chrome OS Is Here To Stay

Last week a rumour broke out that Google was planning to fold …

Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P Is Mostly Back In Stock In The Google Store

  Last week the 32GB Nexus 6P returned to the Play Store. …


Google To Merge Chrome OS Into Android By 2017?

Ever since Chrome OS made its debut, there were always reports and …

Nexus 6P Stock

The Nexus 6P Is Back In Stock…But Only One Model

The Nexus 6P has been absent from the Canadian Google Store for …