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Some Beautiful Concept Shots Of Sony Odin And Yuga

Ever since the world switched their attention and focus to smartphones, it seems like Sony has been trying to play catch up.  Their first Android offering, the Sony X10, was beautiful and one of the best devices of its time.  But even that one had some flaws (no multi-touch! crazyness).  But since then they’ve lagged behind in creating top of the line must have phones.

However, if these concepts are anything to go by (and the rumoured specs that are to accompany them) Sony is on the right track to become relevant again.  Again, these are just renders that someone put together based on leaked information about the size of the phone but I have to say I like them.  Paired with a 5″ 1080p screen, Quad-Core S4 Procesor, and 13MP Camera and you’ve got one serious contender.

But again, timing is everything and Sony has failed with their timing time and time again.  Here’s to hoping the 100th time is the charm.

Check our more pictures below.

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