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Samsung’s Got Something New In Store, But What?

Samsung keep churning out the videos.  This time around they’ve put together a little teaser video in anticipation of CES 2013.  The video is really really brief and really doesn’t tell you anything other than “Something New” is coming in 2013.

So what could it be?  Galaxy S IV seems like the most obvious answer but it seems a little too soon to be announcing their next flagship device.  This announcement has usually taken place closer to Q2 so my guess is that they’ll stick with that.  So what could it be?  Possibly we’ll get our first glimpse at a their flexible displays being used on an actual mobile device.  This is a strong possibility since we know that Samsung has been readying these displays for a couple of years now.

The rumoured Galaxy Note 7 could also be a big possibility.  That device has popped up a few times on different benchmarks and that is something new that we haven’t seen before so that could be it too

A less exciting possibility is that this could possibly just be a new TV announcement.  Not that I don’t like a solid TV, but Android news always trumps other things for me:).  Windows 8 phones and tablets could also be part of this “Something New.”

What do you guys think?  See any hints from the video?

[Samsung Tomorrow]

  • Ro Ro

    A phone that flips out to produce 3 different screens? , flexible glass display? ‘Something new’ could infer something we haven’t seen yet as a norm. I hope it’ll be something where we can all go Oooh.

  • 4wallz

    My guess is that there will be a new Galaxy S IV announced.