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Samsung Looking To Outdo Apple’s Retina Displays In This Year’s Devices


As much as I love Android devices, I have to give Apple respect for having what I believe to be the best display tech in the business. I know some of you may argue with me on that, which is fine, but my wife’s iPhone 5 retina display sure does leave an impression on me every time I see it.

Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 4.7″ display sports a spectacular 306ppi, albeit coming a bit short of the iPhone 5’s 326ppi. Keep in mind however, the Samsung display is 0.7″ bigger than Apple’s making the technology used in the S3 an impressive feat. Still, that’s all a lot of people need to know when comparing the two devices.

Apple coined the term “retina display” as it means the technology uses enough pixel density making it impossible for the human eye to detect any sort of pixelation from a normal viewing distance. The “retina display” feature and branding really seems to be a big selling point for Apple’s devices, but what’s interesting is that the technology hasn’t really changed since the iPhone 4 was first released a couple of years ago, leaving an opening for a certain Korean tech giant to overtake Apple in this regard.

And sure enough, that’s what we’re reading today in an article over at DigiTimes. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost here, and we’re as certain as can be that it will feature a 440ppi or higher display with a 1080p resolution. Now given the expected size of the display, the article reports Samsung has employed a hexagonal and diamond-shaped pixel layout compared to its traditional side-by-side pixel tech in its previous Super AMOLED devices. There were concerns previously that a 440ppi pixel density would be impossible given the nature of the Super AMOLED technology. Not so apparently.

As such, expect Samsung to boast having a higher ppi than the iPhone 5 quite prominently when they reveal the S4 to the public in March.