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Rumour: NVIDIA May Begin Making Their Own Tablets

Over the past year the processor of choice for mobile products has been the S4 snapdragon.  Whether they’re using dual-cores or quad-cores, the S4 has been king.  This has left NVIDIA out in the cold a little bit and it looks like they may be looking to take matters into their own hands.

According to Eldar Murtazin, a tech guy who always seems to be in the know about all things unannounced, NVIDIA is planning to produce their own in house tablets.  The final products may or may not actually have the NVIDA housing but they will of course house the NVIDIA chips sets.  The reported plan is that NVIDIA will build reference products to be mass produced by contact manufacturers.  In other words, they’ll tell them how to make it and then they’ll make them cheap.  Possible launching locations for these devices include Russia and India currently.

This is just a rumour at this point so take it as such, but if these do come into fruition, they’re expected to launch sometime this May or June.