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Rumour: Nexus 10 Sequel On The Way?

The Nexus 10 ushered in a new era of 10 inch tablets.  The combintion of Samsung and Google showed all of the manufacturers that high end doesn’t mean high price tag.  While prices haven’t seen a drastic drop across the board, other manufacturers have had to take note of this competitor and now possibly its sucessor.

A new rumour has begun to fill the web about a sequel to the Nexus 10.  According to Bright Side of News, the device is real and is already out in the wild hidden within the original Nexus 10 housing.  They also claim that the device was actually at CES but again, disguised so that nobody would notice.

The new device is supposed to up the specs of the original by including a new quad-core processor and 8-core Mali-T678 graphics chip, one of the best currently on the market.  Bright Side apparently had a chance to play around with the new and improved device and claim that it’s a “night and day” difference when comparing the two devices.

Again, this is a rumour so take it as such, but if this does pan out to be real we could see it at Google I/O.

P.S. The picture above is simply a picture of the original Nexus 10, not any sort of leaked render