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Rumour: Motorola X Coming In May At Google I/O

All these rumours are starting to make my head spin but I’ve got another to share so here we go!  Remember the rumoured Motorola X phone?  It was supposed to be the next flagship for Motorola that would possibly run stock Android and maybe even be a Nexus device.  While we haven’t heard anything about it for quite a while now a new rumour has surfaced regarding the phone.

To begin with, the Motorola X will feature a 5″ display that will run edge to edge (similar to the current RAZR M).  That means you can have your large screen without as massive of a phone.  Secondly, the device is supposed to run Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie, the next evolution of the Android system.  The best part about the software news is that the Motorola X is supposed to remain vanilla!  Thirdly, it will be sold across multiple carriers.  Motorola devices (or at least the good ones) have a knack of becoming Verizon exclusives.  All other carriers in the states are often left in the cold while here in Canada we get a trickle of devices here and there but still miss out on some of the cream of the crop (RAZR MAXX anyone?).  Finally, the device is to make its grand entrance at Google I/O in May.  Normally Google I/O is reserved for Nexus devices.  However, Motorola is now owned by Google and while they initially said that the businesses would remain separate, an un-skinned non Nexus Motorola device may be a sign of change in that arrangement.  Perhaps Google is finally use Motorola as platform to create pure Android devices.

Pretty exciting eh?  This is just a rumour so, again, take it as that, but I’m very hopeful that some Googlorla devices will be coming to life.

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