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Rumour: $99 Nexus Tablet?

Okay before we get started, this is a rumour!  So take it as such.  Now to the news.

The Nexus 7 broke in this year at a ridiculously low price for a top notch tablet.  The device is definitely tops the list for most people looking at picking up a 7″ tablet.  Well what if they slashed the price in half!  Then it’d probably be on the list for everyone looking into a tablet and even those who aren’t.

According to the source of this rumour, Asus and Google are going to be launching two new tablets before the end of the year.  They are expected to be thinner than the current offering and will utilize displays panels made from Taiwan-based company HannStar.  Now the juiciest part of this news is definitely the price.  The source states that the tablet will come in $99 and $199 models.

Now I have no idea how Asus and Google could possibly put together something at that price but perhaps they’re going to take on the Amazon strategy and sell at a loss and hope to gain revenue through content purchasing.  It could definitely work.  I for one would be more willing to spend some money on content when I’m paying next to nothing for a tablet.

Remember this is just a rumour so take it as that for now.  We’ll have to sit and wait to see what comes of this news.