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Are Android Powered Nokia Devices In The Future?

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ported to the Nokia N9

Ever since Mr. Stephen Elop took over at Nokia, Nokia has been unquestionably dedicated to serve the Windows Phone OS.  Nokia hasn’t looked at all into any other OS and even their own, very promising, OS Meego, was ditched when Elop took over.

Now I for one love the designs on the Lumia phones.  I love the colours and I love the build quality but I haven’t loved the OS.  I haven’t tried Windows 8 so maybe that’ll change my mind a bit but as I’ve said before, the customization and openness of Android will always have me coming back.  My ideal situation would be for Nokia to begin producing Android handsets but up to this point Elop has been adamant that that will never happen.  (Side Note: Some devs were able to port Android over to the N9 a while back and I loved the look of ICS on that unibody design.  Basically looked like what you see above).

Well there might be a slight slight possibility that Android and Nokia could be coming together in the future.  Apparently Nokia has listed a job on LinkedIn seeking for a senior software engineer with Linux experience to work in a “start-up environment” for future “mobile phone technology/.”

Now there’s no mention of Android at all and it could very well be that Nokia is brewing up their own OS again or working on one of the many other Linux based OS’ but Android is an obvious option here as it’s easily the largest platform in the world.  Here’s to hoping!



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    Nope they not that smart!