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Another Note On The Way?

Well what do we have here?  It looks like another Samsung Galaxy Note product could be coming to market in the near future.  Two different model numbers have passed through the DLNA Alliance, the GT-N5100 and the GT-N5110.

So what could this mystery device be?  Well based on the model number it looks to fit into the Galaxy Note family (Note – N7000, Note II-N7100, Note 10.1 -N8000).  The consensus online seems to be that Samsung is prepping a smaller Galaxy Note tablet.  And based on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line, it’ll likely come in at 7″ 7.7″ or 8.9.”  And the two different models are likely for a Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi/3G device.

The Galaxy Note line is really taking off and I can see a smaller Note tablet being a huge success.  Of all the Android phone and tablets available, the Note series is, in my opinion, the most productivity geared devices.  I can easily see this appealing to any working professional who needs to carry their work around with them as the S-Pen and some of the productivity apps will easily allow them to take their work with them in a nice compact form.

How many of you would be interested in a smaller Note tab?



  • EC

    If anyone can read Chinese, apparently there is one more new Note2 coming out with 2 SIM card slots…

  • Dave McGuire

    Well if we could actually get our hand on a Note II I would be able to give you a better point of view. So far after days of calling, and a contact to Samsung, all I have been able to determine is that the note 2 should be available in the Samsung Store in Burnaby tomorrow, or a week from now, or possibly two weeks. So I will post again once I have actually received the device that was supposed to be here on Nov 1st

  • Mil D

    I was able to get the device yesterday from telus (Montreal)