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6.3″ Galaxy Note III?

There’s a massive rumour going around the web.  I mean massive! Gigantic! Monstrous!  To be more exact, it’s a 6.3″ Rumour.

The rumour is that Samsung is already planning their next Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note III.  That was already enough to get me excited about the rumour.  But then I heard that it’s going to have a 6.3″ display.  How’s that for a massive rumour?

Now I know the majority of people are already saying, that’s too big.  And for once, I think I might actually agree.  I was fine with 5.3″ and fine with the 5.5″ since they were able to keep the overall size the same (actually a bit smaller).  It’s hard to imagine that they’d be able to create a 6.3″ display and keep the phone the same size as it is now.

The only possibility that I can see is that the display becomes completely bezel-less and they go the route of on screen buttons.  Or perhaps they’ll use some sort of curved display or maybe even a folding display?

Remember at this point this is all just speculation.  Any concrete news probably won’t actually surface until mid to late next year.  What do you guys hope for in the next Note?


  • If this is true, I think its a dumb idea. I wouldnt buy one.. 🙂

  • Dan

    I will be purchasing a note 3 if it remains a reasonable size. 6.3″ is not reasonable.

  • Grant Jeffrey

    If they’re going that route they should just make a 7″ tablet that can make phone calls.

  • Skin Blues

    Love my OG Note, not sure if this would be too big though. I like how the Note II moved the power button lower to make it more one-hand-able, but this might be a bit much. That said, my contract is up next fall and if the Note III is that much better than the GS IV then I’ll probably still go with it. I love the fact that I essentially have a tablet that fits in my pocket. Most home phones are way bigger than 6″ anyway so I don’t know why people think it’s so awkward to have a large phone.

  • OMG! I’d rather be caught walking around with an 80s massive shoe phone than this!