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Review: Caseco Shock Express – Protection With Some Style



As good as a phone looks naked, a case is still a good idea for most people.  Not only do they protect your phone from those every day bumps and drops but they can also add a little personality to your device to make it uniquely you.  Enter the Caseco Shock Express, a stylish case that can definitely save your phone if/when it takes a tumble.

In the box: Caseco Shock Express, Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth, Screen Installation Card

First let’s talk about the available designs.  The Shock Express comes in a variety of colours and patterns including a series of metallic options, some striped patterns, and some solid soft pastels.  My review case was a black carbon fiber model from the metallic series which, in my opinion, looks awesome as I’m always down for some carbon fiber.

While the Shock Express definitely isn’t the sleekest case out there, I didn’t find it bulky by any means.  Pocketability remained in tact and the textured sides added some much needed grip to an otherwise slippery phone.  The cases edges are raised just a little bit above the screen so you can place it face down without much worry of scratching the screen and the back, likewise, is thick enough to keep the protruding camera on the S6 out of harms way when placed on its back.  Each corner has a little bit of extra reinforcement giving the case a slight peanut-ish shape.  While I personally prefer a straighter edge, I’m sure the extra oomph in the corners will save me if a drop were to occur.

All of the cutouts on the Shock Express were just large enough as to not to interfere with plugs and headphones and the volume and power buttons are still easily pressed despite the sturdy rubber covering them.  One interesting feature on the case is the sound enhancer which is designed to redirect the sound from the speaker towards you.  While I didn’t notice a huge difference in sound volume or quality, I did find that incidences of accidentally covering the speaker with my hand had essentially dropped to zero!

The included screen protector is pretty run of the mill and since I already have a tempered glass protector installed, that will remain in the box for now.  All in all, the Caseco Shock Express is definitely a case worth looking at.  Again, it’s not the sleekest case out there but if you’re looking for something that’s stylish and protective, this could definitely be the one for you.

You can visit their store to see all their products with the link below.