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POLL: What is one feature you’d show off to a non’Droider?

[it’s been a while since I gave you a poll to answer]

So, I’ve seen a few folk recently join the ranks of the Android Army, and even more who’re starting to take note of what my tablet does vs the ‘other guys’.

And, it’s made me wonder… as I’ve given up trying to convert iUsers, there are some that are not going to happen, but for those out there who ‘may’ switch, what should I show them that’s awesome about Android, that puts it above anything else out there.

There’s so many options to choose from:

  • Widgets!
  • Homescreen layouts
  • Alternate launchers
  • many free options of software
  • Google integration (backup of info)
  • etc…

I’ve asked plenty of  the recent switchers why they chose Android for their upgrade, and most had no real clue why (mostly they liked the size).

What do YOU show off to your non’Droid friends about your phone?  Tell me your NUMBER 1  feature that you show off (all others you can sound off in the comments about).

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