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Galaxy S5 Blue

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Official

Samsung announced their next big thing yesterday and here's everything you need to know about their next flagship device. (more…)

Gerry Dee Samsung Galaxy S5 Telus

Telus, Samsung, And Gerry Dee Partner Up To Give Away Some Free Galaxy S5′s

Now here’s marketing done right!  Telus and Samsung recently partnered up with …

Galaxy S5 vs Washer

Samsung Galaxy S5 Endures Incredible Water Torture Tests And Survives

Water damage in phones is becoming an increasingly common problem as phones travel …

Sony Xperia Z2

SaskTel To Also Get The Sony Xperia Z2

Looks like Bell isn’t quite getting an exclusive on the Sony Xperia …

HTC One M8 Press Image

HTC One (M8) Launch Delayed Till The 15th

  Looking to get your hands on the shiny new HTC One …

Robert Downey Jr HTC One (M8)

Robert Downey Jr Says You Should Buy A HTC One (M8)….Or He’ll Be ‘Possessed With The Most Foul Spirit’

Looks like the agreement between Mr. Iron Sherlock and HTC isn’t up …

OnePlus One

OnePlus One Gets A Bump Up In The Specs Department

  If the new OnePlus One hasn’t already piqued your interest, perhaps …

LG G Watch - 3

Rumour: LG Already Working On A G Watch Sequel

  LG is moving rather fast and furious in the wearable market …

LG G Watch Galaxy Gear 2

LG G Watch Due Before July – Cost Under £180

  We’ve got some smart watch news to pass to all you …

HTC M8 Ace

Here’s A Blurry Press Shot Of The HTC One (M8) Ace

  As with the HTC One (M7), we expect that the HTC …

Day Two Of Mobile World Congress 2014

Samsung To Release 3G Enabled Smart Watch

Thus far, Samsung hasn’t done especially well in the wearable tech market. …