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Galaxy S5 Blue

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Official

Samsung announced their next big thing yesterday and here's everything you need to know about their next flagship device. (more…)

Nexus 4 Sailfish

Sailfish Has Been Ported To A Nexus 4!

As much as I am a fan of Android, I’m an even …


HTC One KitKat Update Rolling Out!

  Good news for all you HTC One users out there!  I’ve …

Notion Ink Adam II

Notion Ink Is Back With An Adam II

  How many of you guys remember the Notion Ink Adam?  Well …

Life Times App - 2

Samsung’s New Life Times App Wants To Be Your Digital Diary

With each new phone, Samsung has aimed to merge your phone and …

Lenovo Nexus

Rumour: Lenovo To Make The Next Nexus

  Another day, another interesting tweet from Mr. Eldar Murtazin.  According to …

Project Ara

Motorola’s Project Ara Staying With Google

  In the aftermath of the Motorola acquisition by Lenovo, we have …

Lenovo Google Motorola Sale

Lenovo Buys Motorola From Google!!!!!

Wow…I didn’t see this coming at all!  Google has just sold Motorola …

Galaxy S5 Photo Sample

Alleged Galaxy S5 Photo Sample Indicated Device Could Come With A 21MP Camera?

Well isn’t this an amazing photo!?!  Why am I sharing with you …

HTC M8 Colours

Rumour: HTC M8 To Come In Four Colours!

  Here’s another nice little tidbit about the upcoming HTC M8 to …

AMOLED Samsung

Samsung To Begin Mass Production Of AMOLED Displays For Tablets

  One of Samsung’s biggest claims to fame in the mobile tech …