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Galaxy S5 Blue

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Official

Samsung announced their next big thing yesterday and here's everything you need to know about their next flagship device. (more…)

#Patentfun for week of October 17-23

Pretty quiet week for the lawyers in and around the Android scene, …


Update hat-trick (skype, netflix,

Hit the market today and found this amazing gem. For me, updates …


Motorola XOOM, First Tablet to get Ice Cream Sandwich?

The internet has been flooded with Ice Cream Sandwich news and what …


Telus Samsung Galaxy S II X Being Released October 28th

Great news for Telus users. If you have not already set your …


Funny Friday #20 + Giveaway!

Welcome to the 20th edition of Funny Friday. The one a week …

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Sony Xperia’s to get ICS …we’ll see!

Tom had recently written about how HTC may or may not get ICS …


Asus Transformer to get ICS ‘soon’

I’m an ‘eee’ guy. I had 3 of their netbooks, and now …


Android Netflix Updates to V1.5, Now for Canadians too! Download via Canadian Android Market

This is great news. No more will Canadians have to search for …


Which HTC Devices Will get Ice Cream Sandwich Updates?

If you are one of these guys/girls sporting around some of the …


Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specs Finally Revealed, Enough to Sway People Away From Galaxy S II LTE?

Last nights live broadcast of the release of Ice Cream Sandwich and …