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Transport Canada Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Airlines

After the FAA in the U.S. banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all airlines, Transport Canada has done the same. (more…)

Galaxy S5 Colours

Samsung Explains The New ISOCELL Camera Found On The S5

For many people a good camera is a key factor when looking …

LG Smartwach Google

LG Made Google Smart Watch Specs Leaked!

  @evleaks has struck again, this time bringing us some tasty details …

HTC M8 Spigen The All New One

Spigen Already Selling HTC M8 Cases – Ship In April

  If you’re planning on buying the All New One from HTC …

Android KitKat

KitKat Rolling Out To Galaxy S4’s!

  Celebrate good times…Come On! It’s a good day for all you …


All-New HTC One Got Sold On Ebay

Just when you though the leaks were finally coming to an end, …


Here Are A Couple Of Official Hands On Videos From Samsung

Samsung’s new flagship devices are about a month away and Samsung wants …

The All New HTC One Wild

The All New HTC One Made Its Way To A Tennis Match

  Looks like someone’s testing out the new camera on the All …

HTC M8 Dot Case

Cool HTC M8 Cases And Confirmation Of A GPE?

I’m sorry to keep flooding you guys with M8 news but it …

LG G Pro 2

Here’s A Much Much Better Ad From LG

Late last week we share a really really terribly weird and awful …

HTC M8 Teaser Ultra Pixel

HTC’s Latest Teaser Highlights The Ultra-Pixel Camera

HTC has yet another teaser video to share with us.  In this …

04 - 7a5E4hH

The All New HTC One May Feature Wireless Charging

  Surprise surprise…we’ve got another HTC one leak to pass your way. …


Brochure Leak Details All-New One’s Dual Camera

The reason for the All-New HTC One sporting its dual camera setup …