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Xperia ZL Bell

Bell Opens Up Pre-Registration For Xperia ZL

    Just in case you’re not on Rogers but are still …

Rogers Google Play Voucher

Rogers To Offer $35 Google Play Voucher With Select New Samsung Devices

  We have been informed by our liaison at Rogers that they …

GMail Update

Gmail Update Allows You To Archive And Reply Front The Notification Area

  Google has just updated their Gmail app for Android and the …

Xperia ZL Pre Order

Rogers Locked Sony Xperia ZL Up For Pre-Order

  If you’re just itching to get your hands on Sony’s co-flagship …

Android Multi-User

Nexus 10 Commercial Shows Off The Multi-User Ability

As great as the Nexus devices are, they aren’t very aggressively marketed.  So whenever …

Nexus 5

Is This The Next Nexus?

When it comes to Google hardware rumours lately, everyone has been talking …

Android Versions

A Handful Of Samsung Devices Should Get Android 5.0

  With Google I/O just a couple of months away, many in …

Samsung Game Pad

Did The Samsung Game Pad Out The Note III Screen Size?

  The big Samsung announcement has come and gone but that doesn’t …


Rogers Joins The Galaxy Nexus Update Party

  I guess there are still some carriers who haven’t updated their …

Motorola Phone

Rumour: Motorola X Phone Is Much More Than Just A Phone

  Earlier this week a video leaked online featuring a mysterious Motorola …

HTC One_Silver_3V

HTC Extends $100 Trade-In Till April 4th

Due to an “overwhelming response,” HTC has decided to extend its $100 …

Galaxy S4vsS3

SIII Will Get Most Of The SIV Features

In the midst of all the Galaxy S IV news, many Galaxy …