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OnePlus 3 Is Now Official! Available To Purchase Today For $519 In Canada

OnePlus has officially launched their 3rd flagship smartphone for this year and as expected, it's called the OnePlus 3. (more…)


Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Specs Leaked

Looks like Samsung plans to release another version of its flagship Galaxy …

Google Drive Prices

Google Undercuts Other Cloud Services With New Low Prices!

  As you all know, Google is big into cloud storage.  That’s …

LG G3 Screen Shot - 1

Alleged LG G3 Screen Shots Surface

       LG’s new flagship device, currently being referred to as …

Galaxy S5 Colours

Samsung Explains The New ISOCELL Camera Found On The S5

For many people a good camera is a key factor when looking …

LG Smartwach Google

LG Made Google Smart Watch Specs Leaked!

  @evleaks has struck again, this time bringing us some tasty details …

HTC M8 Spigen The All New One

Spigen Already Selling HTC M8 Cases – Ship In April

  If you’re planning on buying the All New One from HTC …

Android KitKat

KitKat Rolling Out To Galaxy S4’s!

  Celebrate good times…Come On! It’s a good day for all you …


All-New HTC One Got Sold On Ebay

Just when you though the leaks were finally coming to an end, …


Here Are A Couple Of Official Hands On Videos From Samsung

Samsung’s new flagship devices are about a month away and Samsung wants …

The All New HTC One Wild

The All New HTC One Made Its Way To A Tennis Match

  Looks like someone’s testing out the new camera on the All …

HTC M8 Dot Case

Cool HTC M8 Cases And Confirmation Of A GPE?

I’m sorry to keep flooding you guys with M8 news but it …

LG G Pro 2

Here’s A Much Much Better Ad From LG

Late last week we share a really really terribly weird and awful …