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Galaxy S5 Blue

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Official

Samsung announced their next big thing yesterday and here's everything you need to know about their next flagship device. (more…)

Sony Xperia T3 - 3

Sony’s “Next Big Thing” Is The Mid-Range Xperia T3

  Remember that little teaser from Sony we shared with you guys …

LG G Watch - 3

Here Are Some New LG G Watch Specs

With Google I/O 3 weeks away, you may have been wondering what …

Note III & Gear

Galaxy Note 4 And Gear 3 May Be Sold As A Bundle

  The Galaxy Note 4 will be Samsung’s next big release and …

LG G Watch Faces 2

Check Out These Watch Faces And Boot Animation From LG’s G Watch

Android Wear devices will soon be upon us and I couldn’t be …

LG G3 Official

A Metal G3 Would Allegedly Cost An Extra $300!

  For many mobile consumers nowadays (or at the very least, least …

Sony Z2 Ultra Teaser

Is The Xperia Z Ultra 2 On The Way?

  According to a little teaser via their blog, Sony has a …

Acer Liquid S1

Acer Rejoins The Canadian Smartphone Market With Three Unlocked Offerings

Acer has been a little bit absent in the Canadian smartphone market …


Google Finally Releases Android 4.4.3

The last time Google released an Android update, it was 4.4.2 in …


Galaxy Gear Now Getting Tizen OS As An Update

One of the main reasons why Samsung decided to release a 2nd …


Dun Dun Dun…..Premium HTC One M8 Suspended???

  After rumours broke of HTC working on not one but two …

Oppo N1 Mini

The Oppo N1 Mini Is Official…But There Are Still No Details…

  So a couple of days ago we shared with you that …

Moto X+1

Is This The Moto X+1?!?

Well look what we have here boys and girls!  The picture you’re …