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Zplayer Review

If you follow me on Google+, you might remember a little while back I posted a couple pictures of my Windows Phone 7 theme.

Today I am reviewing the media player called Zplayer. A windows phone  7 Zune style player with built in internet radio. If you’re anything like me, you might like the sleek and clean look of the player.



Zplayer just updated yesterday to include some bug fixes and full bluetooth support, and comes with the following features

  • Full screen mode with Custom status bar (WP7 style)
  • Video Support
  • Podcast
  • Downloads missing Album Artwork
  • Downloads Artis Bio’s
  • Online reviews of albums
  • Bass booster option
  • Virtualizer option
  • Includes an optional custom lockscreen with controls (WP7 style)
  • Includes shoutcast internet radio with 100+ live stations
  • Best of all, the dev was very fast to answer my emails and fix the issues I had

Sadly this player isn’t free, but if you got a couple bucks to spare and enjoy the windows phone 7 Metro theme, this player will do you well.

Later I will show my full customized Windows Phone 7 Metro themed phone. until then, check out this player.



Want to get additional information, or chat with Tom Gray? You can find him on his Google+ page.

Link to Tom Gray’s Google+ Page.




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  • Superdude

    It disappoints me that Android and iOS devs are copying WP7 rather than coming up with their own style.

    • I agree with you to a point, but there is a need for it and people are paying for it.
      At this point it’s supply on demand and with thousands of sales, who could complain?