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WIND To Release Nexus 6P On November 4th For $749?

Nexus 6P

Rogers, Bell and Telus are all planning on releasing the Nexus 6P after its delay and now it looks like WIND may also sell it on the 4th as well.

According to an anonymous poster on the /r/windmobile subreddit, the carrier will release the Nexus 6P for $749 outright or $199 with a $25 WIND tab boost, making it more expensive than buying it from Google, or the Big 3. Unfortunately it also looks like the phone will be distributed to stores in small amounts (2 per store) making it susceptible to being sold out very quickly.

The price for the Nexus 5K has yet to be announced but since we’re so close to the release, it won’t be too long until that also is public knowledge.

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