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Whole lotta ICS comin’ soon!

So I’m keeping my ear to the ground and pestering those who may possibly have information on which phones will be getting ICS.

I’ve kept a database going here, if you want to take a look (I’ll also post at the bottom of the page too).

But we just got a glimpse of some further details of some of the phones to get them.

Samsung lets ICS out for the Note in India

I don’t often like to talk about updates in other countries, but this one is SO anticipated, that letting people know it’s going out for some gives more hope to those waiting.

HTC Amaze on Telus coming this week!

This was slated for May / June originally, and depend son how you look at it – this is either late, on time or early (some of these companies will say June, meaning June 30th!).  So, wait ’till Friday Telus Amaze users and hit the ‘check update’ button then!

Sony Xperia S – ICS shown off

Okay, so no new timelines, but we’re given a taste of what ICS will look like on the Xperia S.  Forget which phone is the XS?  Well, I did a review on it a little while ago.

Sony (?) released this video letting us see how ICS and TimeScape UI merge together.

Sony let’s the Arc and Neo on the ICS train

Now, not sure if this is just US or what, but hearing reports of these phones getting the update.  Any Canucks with these phones confirming this?

Motorola shows off ICS for the RAZR

This release is imminent (slated as Q2 2012… so anytime before the end of June) and they have 3 videos to showcase the mixing of MotoBlur and ICS.  It’s looking pretty ‘vanilla’ in my impression.

The 2nd video suggests you check out for more info, but that link doesn’t work… yet

Now this shows off the RAZR, and there other Moto’s getting the update, but Motorola themselves have said that they are being ‘judicious’ (my wording) with which phones get the update or not.

Apparently if it will be too much hassle (my wording) and/or ruin the user experience then it won’t happen.

Check out their ‘explanation’, which came out after they didn’t put the Xperia Play on their update page:

Are these videos a tease?  Yeah, but for those that are waiting it’s a breath of hope that they’re already pretty much done and the release is imminent!


Here’s that database:

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  • Tommytotop

    My personal experience with non nexus Android phones on Rogers and that of my close friends on other Canadian Carriers are identical. If they say they are going to have an update out by a certain month. You should add 5-6 months to that date and that’s more realistic. By that time the next version of Android is already out which is very frustrating. People keep talking about ICS like it just came out. 

    • ryanmmoore

      true… often the manufacturer says one thing, then a carrier throws their wrench in.

  • Dawezilla

    Not much good when the provider (Bell) in my case blames the manufacturer (Samsung) and vice versa.

    ICS 4.0.1 is buggy for sure.  I would love to have 4.0.4 and get rid of some of those reboots