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Voice Actions For Android Released

I’ve always been highly impressed by Android’s voice features. I use it constantly when I’m at home or in quiet environments. You just really can’t beat the speed of your own speech no matter how fast you can type on a phone. I’ve found it to be extremely accurate throughout my use.

Now if you happen to have a special phone running 2.2 Froyo (like me!), Google has now extended these voice commands. They’re calling it Voice Actions. You can pretty much do anything you can think of with your voice. That includes initiating a text message, email or even writing a personal note to yourself.

I waited before posting this so I can give you my own thoughts on it and my verdict? It’s awesome! I pretty much did everything with my voice this weekend. Swipe to unlock, hit the mic button and say “Send text to James Harper We need a new broom ASAP” send to confirm and on to the next thing! Play a song, get directions, anything you can think of really.

Hit up that source link below to see the full list of voice commands. It’s free in the Android Market right now so go out there and give it a shot! and let everyone know how your experience is.


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