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Videotron Android phones now free on contract

So, $50 phones weren’t good enough for you? How about $0? If you’re willing to sign a 3-year contract, any of Videotron’s Android phones can be yours for no charge. You have the choice between a Nexus One, Motorola XT720, Motorola Spice or the Garmin A50.

Of course, those of us outside of Quebec are out of luck on any Videotron deals. Not that there’s a lack of Android devices out here, but no one likes to be left out of a good bargain. What do you think of this offer?

[via MobileSyrup]


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  • SheamusPatt

    If you want a $0 Android phone, Telus has five Android phones for $0. Most are with 3 year plans, like the LG Shine Plus that I paid $49.99 for about six months ago, but the Motorola Backflip and Milestone can be had for $0 on a 2 year plan according to their website. So there are bargains outside of Quebec as well.

    • The Milestone is $0 with a 2 year term now. I paid $150 with a 3 year term just over 6 months ago. Damn technology… price we pay for lack of patience I guess. heh