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Twitter To Launch Official Android App

Twitter today announced its intentions to launch an official Twitter app for the Android platform. Evan Williams, the company chief, said that the Twitter app for Android would take the same approach as used for Blackberry and iPhone.

This approach is a Twitter-branded download that would compete against other similarly provided services. However Williams did not explain whether this would involve purchasing another company or developing an entirely new application.

Android for Twitter will be no easy task, as few Twitter clients have managed to heavily penetrate the Android platform. There are many mobile apps that provide Twitter services which among themselves, also compete against built-in device tools such as Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, as found on the Backflip and Dext with Telus and Bell, that also provide a basic level of Twitter access.

With so many already existing Twitter service apps, it will be interesting to see what Twitter official will have to offer.


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