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The Galaxy Note 5 To Come With USB 3.1 Type C And A 4100 mAh Battery


Looks like the Galaxy Note 5 rumours have finally started and this one is the best yet.

According to a report that includes statements made by Samsung employees, Samsung’s upcoming phablet smartphone will be one of, if the first, mass produced smartphone coming with a USB 3.1 Type C connector. This is great news because Google has conveniently added support for the connector in its developer build of Android M. The Type C connector offers support for extremely faster charging, transfer of power + data to or from the device and it can be plugged in either orientation.

Other rumoured specs for the phone include a much larger 4100 mAh battery and the absense of a 4K Super AMOLED panel.

The phone, as always, is expected to be announced during IFA 2015 in September.


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