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The Dell Streak 7 available in Canada

The Dell Streak 7 is now available in Canada for $399.99 on the Dell web site and extends their entry into the Android market started with the 5″ Dell Streak.

The Streak 7 for Canada is wifi only. This could be a show stopper for those of us that do not have mobile access point functionality in their Android phones.  The Streak 7 comes with Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Android 2.2 is the current OS on the Streak 7 with a promise of Honeycomb in the near future. It has a front facing camera but the recent acquisition of Skype by Microsoft could stifle any video conferencing capabilities. Google Talk with Video is still not available on devices in Canada.

Find out more about the Streak 7 here.

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  • Jeep670

    gtalk with video IS available on Nexus S in Canada! last time I checked Nexus S was/is a device…

  • Gmccague

    I have a Nexus S and it does not have video in gtalk yet. I hear you can manually update to 2.3.4 but I’ll wait for over the wire update. Hopefully soon!