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TF101 receives a firmware update

My Transformer (the original TF101) was awesome.  And then we got ICS.  It was buggy with the first update… and got only slightly better with the update.

Well today (yesterday, depends on when I publish this) they released a newer update (doesn’t change the OS version, just the build) and it fixes some of the issues.


It updated the following:

  • Improves system stability
  • Improves email stability
  • Improves AppBackup App
  • Improves MyLibrary stability
  • Supports Wi-Fi Direct
  • Supports unzip in File Manager
  • Add restore tab function in Browser

I’ve noticed that it doesn’t get stuck in a boot loop every now and again.  Often I’d put the tablet down and come back and it would be stuck on a boot screen.  If I was lucky I could just hold down power to turn it off to boot it up again (other times I’d have to hold VOL+/- and PWR to force it to boot).

It still has some issues with some games (Samurai vs. Zombies crashes when a certain number of bad guys are on the screen); but it’s definitely A LOT BETTER.

If you don’t have the notification telling you there’s an update, you can force it by hitting NOTIFICATION / MENU / ABOUT TABLET / SYSTEM FIRMWARE UPDATE then hit the Click Update button.  [Note, it’s not available on the Asus website yet for download]

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