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Telus puts its Android updates online for you to keep track of

So, with all the hub-bub of the new and latest phones out there, we tend to forget about the puppies we bought not that long ago and still need love and care.  These older phones also need updates.

Good thing Telus believes so too, or at least they’re letting us know which phones are getting these updates and putting them on a permanent spot on their site.  (there’s a version for the other OS’s too, but who cares right?)

This is a pretty decent list!


It lists pretty much all of the phones on their network and which update the phone may need.

Kudos (not koodos!) to Telus for being very organized in this manner.  It’s hard staying on top of which phones are getting what and when, and checking the manufacturers’ site doesn’t always give you the appropriate answer.  After all, we do know that in the end it’s the carriers who hold the final step in releasing the update to your phone.  And from what we’ve heard, it’s not only the final step in the process, but is in most cases the longest step in the process.

So, being able to get that kind of answer in one location from the horse’s mouth makes it very easy for us to keep track.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be double checking our “Androids getting ICS” spreadsheet we made to check these out.  Maybe I should check out the phone list too…

Oh, remember, that database we made?

Google Docs Link:

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  • Joelduggan

    What a surprise…the HTC Amaze 4G isn’t on their list.  The page for that device no longer says “Early 2012″…not it’s just “2012”.  I’m getting rather impatient because Wifi connections on this device are terrible right now.

  • LeftCoastNewfie

    Notice the lack of Galaxy Nexus in that list?

    I aksed TELUS why ICS 4.0.4 wasn’t on the list for the Galaxy Nexus, and their response was “The updates will show up on the  once they are released/rolled out.”  But it is out – 4.0.4 came out on March 29th.  

    Any ideas why Samsung and/or TELUS are holding back this update?  Isn’t that kinda the whole point of the Nexus  – pure Google with the fastest updates?

  • Terry Cameron

    The list also doesn’t have the Note and it says the Nexus S update is still paused, which it isn’t.

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