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Telus Officially Releases the Samsung Galaxy S II X

Samsung has had great success with their Galaxy line of phones, and today Telus releases the latest and greatest for their network.

Telus is offering the Samsung Galaxy S II X for $599.99 or $99.99 on a 3-year term. This latest edition of the Galaxy S series comes packed with:

  • 4.5″ Super Amoled+ screen (800 x 480)
  • 1.5Ghz dual core processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 8MP Camera
  • 2MP front Camera
  • Pre-loaded with Gingerbread 2.3.5
  • 1850 mAh battery
  • HSPA+ speeds up to 42Mbps

The latest Galaxy S series phones will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich (OS 4.0), but no time frame has been set.

$99.99 is a very reasonable price for a phone fresh off the boat, but will it out shine the Galaxy Nexus just weeks away? Give us your answer and why you think one will triumph over the other.



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  • I was quite interested in this phone until it was reported what the dpi was. And with the Galaxy Nexus around the corner I personally see no reason personally to get the ‘X’. It would have been a better option 2-3 months ago.

    • Anonymous

      Every 2-3 months somenthing new will be coming. We cannot beat that. I am still waiting for my SG II LTE from Rogers.

      • Bobmagain

        I think waiting till  SGS II HD LTE will be better.. I guess it’ll be launch upto december.. 

    • Anonymous

      I just got an S II X from Telus (finally had enough with iOS and malfunctioning Rogers iPhones that seem to “magically” stop working well after the next generation iPhone is announced) and the screen is definitely not as sharp as the 4.3″ version from bell. I’m actually going to return it and wait for the Galaxy Nexus which I think will have a better screen even if its not super AMOLED plus, also might as well go with a 4.65 inch screen if 4.52″ is not too big.