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Tbaytel gets the Galaxy Note (somebody talk me out of buying it)

Saw this last night on MobileSyrup, so I contacted everyone I could to ensure that this is in fact correct.  And it is.  Just not on their website yet.

So, couple that with the deal I reported earlier and it’s something I’m seriously considering.

The Note is the exact same as the Rogers one, and as Mobile Syrup pointed out it’s missing the LTE… but not so.  It has LTE, just in the area there is no LTE option, so they didn’t advertise that portion in their flyer.

I’m waiting for some promotional materials from Tbaytel directly… but until then you can look at what Mobile Syrup provided:

The pricing is right in line with Rogers as well.  $200 on a 3 year plan, $700 outright.


So, right now for me, it would be a chance to change my plan to the new promotional $45/month (which is about $15 less than I pay right now, give or take).  The phone would be $200, plus as a previous Rogers customer they are offering an extra $150 account credit.  (So, I’m $870 bonus on the account, and then $200 factored in, still $670 …).  Plus I have a fairly new Nexus that I could see about selling (any buyers?).

Someone tell me why I SHOULDN’T get this deal.  Afterall, Tom has shown that you can root and install ICS on the device (which should get the update soon) and technically not have Google know it’s rooted.  (Look for an article today).

Here’s my breakdown of why/why not



  • Better camera
  • Stylus! (I’ve missed that from my old palm days)
  • Would be faster than my Nexus (1.5GHz vs. the 1.2GHz)
  • not a bad deal
  • only Gingerbread (but ICS coming soon)
  • it’s big (no ‘too big for your hand jokes)
  • I just bought a Nexus

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  • When you can do “that’s what she said” jokes about a phone, it’s because the device is too goddamned big.

    • W3STC04ST

      Like Cybik said,

      All you will hear is “compensation” jokes.  “Hes trying to make up for something don cha think?” hardy har har.It’s one of those novelty things, like a watch phone; its cool to showcase but after a while it’s silly and it was always impractical to use.  “Hey check out my Phablet!!” And a stylus… do you actually think you would use it? lose it? (have a gaping whole in your phone).Sometimes less is better. 

  • Tremsr

    I bought the international version of the Note. Then bought the Galaxy Nexus. Got an aosp build of ICS on my Note currently, the exact same build I had on my Galaxy Nexus is available for the Note. Sold my Galaxy Nexus. ICS on the Note is very beautiful. Plus you can have the virtual buttons on screen or just use the phones buttons. There is no stopping you on this one. I definitely think it is a must have phone.

  • Anonymous

    The Note is up on Tbaytel’s website now.  

    I’ve been waiting for this phone to come to Tbaytel, since it launched on Roger’s a month ago, but I couldn’t wait any longer so I got a Galaxy Nexus last Friday.

    Now I am sooooo tempted to bring my GNex back, pay the stupid restocking fee, and get a Note.  What to do?!

    • Anonymous

      yeah I waited for it to be on the site before posting (notice the image with the cost, it’ll link to tbaytel’s page)

    • Wmhrehirchuk

      Take the nexus back.

      • Agreed. I’m enjoying my note more than I did my nexus despite the lack of ICS

        Sent from my Android.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the advice guys.  I’m probably going to do it.  I work in an engineering office and I can see using the s-pen daily.  In the article above Ryan says:

          “Tom has shown that you can root and install ICS on the device (which should get the update soon) and technically not have Google know it’s rooted.  (Look for an article today).”

          Is this article posted?  I will be really interested in getting ICS on the Note.  I’ve also been searching XDA for instructions but haven’t found anything substantial yet.  Thanks Tom.

          • All the current ICS roms come rooted. Since I posted about hiding root access from Google to use the Google Movies app, some advancements have been made.

            I’ve seen some modified versions of Google movies that skip the root check all together. Also apps to temporary unroot and reroot your device with the click of a button to pass this issue.

            Sent from my Android.

          • Jas

             You’ll find uses for it.  I’m finding switching from an iPhone I have to find the great and amazing things I can now do with the Note to outweigh any cons of it…. that’s pretty much how I put up with the iPhone.

  • Pro: Stylus Friendly apps bring the phone to life.

    Pro: MicroSD Expandable over Nexus.Pro: Samsung’s native video player is leaps and bounds better than the Nexus’

    Pro: Less of them around and gives people the “What the hell is that” attention, makes them come and learn more about Android 😛

    • Anonymous

      you KNOW that’s why I bought my eeePC years ago… damnit Tom, you know me well..

  • Jas

    I switched from an iPhone to a note.. It’s not too big. The iPhone after 3 Weeks is seeming to small..

    We’re posting our experiences on a tiny blog.. Galaxynotehq dot com. Ask me anything you want here or anywhere