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Sony’s Upcoming Xperia F8331 Flagship Phone Leaked

Sony’s Xperia X series has just made its way to Canada and now it looks like the Japanese company is actively testing their next flagship smartphone from the Xperia lineup.


According to GSMArena, they have received a couple leaked photos of a prototype Sony Xperia smartphone with model number F8331 showing a brand new design, a refreshing departure from the stale designs we’ve been seeing since the original Xperia Z.


The phone itself features a curved edge on both sides with the top and bottom sides being completely flat. The screen itself looks to be a 1080p panel but the glass seems to meet the curved edges similar to the Nexus 4 and BlackBerry Priv. As for the cameras, they are both capable of recording 4K. The rear camera sits on top of the dual-LED flash, which is accompained by what looks like an antenna.


While the phone still sports stereo speakers, the bezels on the top and bottom are quite big.

The phone could see a release during IFA 2016 in September.


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  • That Guy

    Wow this is terrible. Sony releases a new flagship every 3 months. Who can actually pay money for a Sony? The minute you do it’s already outdated

    • LL Cool J

      I wouldn’t pay anything for those bezels, yikes!!