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Sony Introduces Android M Developer Preview For Sony Xperia Devices


Google released its Android M developer preview late last month and while it’s currently only made for the Nexus 5, 6 and 9, Sony thought it would be cool join the bandwagon too.

Sony has announced that they have brought the Android M developer preview to 12 of its Sony Xperia devices in order to assist app developers who don’t own a Nexus device as a part of their Open Device program. A system image is available for developers to download and flash onto following devices: Xperia Z3,  Z3,  Z3 Compact,  Z3 Tablet Compact,  Z2,  Z2 Tablet,  Z1,  Z1 Compact,  Z Ultra,  E3,  M2,  T2 Ultra, and  T3.

It’s worth noting that right now the camera and modem are currently not supported in this build, which makes it not suitable for use as a daily driver. No word has been said if this will continue to get updated as Google releases its next build of Android M by next month.

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