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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Selfie Camera Rumoured to Boast Auto Focus


Samsung is working on the Galaxy S8, we all know that very well. The handset is rumoured to be among the first devices that will take advantage of a Snapdragon 835 processor.

But the phone will bring other perks to the table. According to the rumour mill, Samsung wants to implement an iris scanner on the Galaxy S8. The next-gen flagship will mark another first – it will come equipped with Samsung’s virtual assistant dubbed Bixby. Although the rumor mill is whispering another assistant called Kestra will also be onboard.

Anyway, today’s leak revolves around another part of the Galaxy S8 – the selfie camera. Front snappers are getting better and better these days with the OnePlus 3T featuring a 16MP one.

But the Galaxy S8 will add a feature that is rarely found in selfie cameras today. According to a report coming out of The Android Soul, the Galaxy S8 camera will feature autofocus. Unlike the usual VCM (Voice Coil Motor), the Galaxy S8 selfie camera will take advantage of encoder tech for Autofocus.

On top of implementing the autofocus function, the new tech will allow Samsung to make a slimmer, better looking Galaxy S8.

It is also expected that the Galaxy S8 will come bundled with Force Touch, a tech similar to the 3D touch on the iPhone. We can’t wait for the Galaxy S8 to go live, can you?

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