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Samsung Takes Another Jab At iPhone [Video]

Samsung takes another shot at Apple and their loyal fans. This comercial being the 3rd jab delivered, I’m wondering if we will see Apple respond in kind.

These string of videos are always about some random person walking by, “oh my, are you guys still waiting in line?”. They begin comparing their phones at that point. The single Android users boasts his features and freedom to those standing in an ever lasting lineup, thus the games continue. The never ending battle of iPhone VS. Android.

I personally find these commercials to be quite humorous, as I was standing in that lineup for the iPhone 4 when it came out. It was an interesting experience, but met a lot of nice people along the way. After the long 8 hour wait was done, I swore to my wife I would never do that again.

If you missed the other commercials, I will post them below.

I’ll be watching and waiting for the next jab from either side.

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  • Anonymous

    Haha… hey guys, the line is moving!

    • That’s my favorite one too lol

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