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Samsung Self-Tested Those Faulty Galaxy Note7 Batteries


The Galaxy Note7 might be dead and buried, but now Samsung is focusing its energies on identifying the real reason why the phablet abnormally overheated.

Well, a report coming out of the Wall Street Journal now seems to indicate Samsung might have only itself to blame for the giant fiasco. You see, it is standard practice in the tech world for manufacturers to test their products in one of the 28 external labs certified by the US Wireless Industry Group (the CTIA). Companies like Apple and Lenovo follow these guidelines to determine whether their smartphone parts comply to the standards installed by the IEEE (Electrical and Electronic Engineers).

But not Samsung. According to the association, the Korean tech giant is actually the only tech manufacturing conducting testing in-house in its otherwise CTIA-certified lab. Then there are other companies like Motorola, which choose to conduct their testing both internally and externally, in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

A Samsung spokesperson told the WSJ the company found no problems with the Note7 batteries (both the original ones and the replacements) during testing in its own labs. The smartphone giant has been self-testing its batteries ever since 2009.

The Galaxy Note7 certainly made Samsung rethink its testing strategy. The company said it’s finally going to implement major changes to its quality assurance procedures, in order to make sure it will never release a dangerous phone again.

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