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Samsung Original Flip Cover Case for Galaxy Note [Video]

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a junkie when it comes to accessories. I picked up the original Samsung flip case for the Galaxy Note and have been using it for a while. Finally I was able to find a little time to do a small video review on it.

Things you should know:

The Canadian version of the Galaxy Note and the international version are nearly identical in the physical size, but have some minor differences you should be aware of. Clearly the first thing that pops out from the international version is the physical button of the face, where the Canadian versions have the standard 4 touch sensitive buttons.

The Canadian battery covers will NOT fit the international version.

Why is this important to know?

If you use the international version and are in the market for a screen protector, all major Canadian retailers will only have screen protectors for Canadian models, which means they will not have a hole cut out for your physical button. You’re options would be to either order one online, or find a independent cell shop that deals in a wide variety of phones.

If you’re looking for accessories such as the Original flip case shown here, they are designed to fit a Canadian Galaxy Note, and will not fit an international version. I personally found this out the hard way, the Canadian back cover would not completely snap in place. I was forced to return it and order online for the international version.


What is truly great about this case is the fact it’s actually made by Samsung for the Galaxy Note, no 3rd party manufacture. Knowing that, you can ensure it will fit like a glove and work 100% as intended without the worry of cheap craftsmanship or materials.

For Canadian models, check your local carrier retailers such as Bell, Telus and Rogers.

For international models, you will have to shop online. Here’s where I bought mine.

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