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Samsung Mobile Unit Staff Fears Job Losses, Following Note 7 Fiasco



Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note7 debacle is bound to have repercussions on the company’s Phone Group, the division responsible for releasing the phablet on the market.

The Group’s 26,600 workers who were until recently celebrated as the driving force behind Samsung’s ascension in the mobile market, are now going through an extremely difficult period. Most of them fear they won’t be able to keep their jobs, given the fact that the division is basically held accountable for the unprecedented Galaxy Note7 fiasco.

Samsung already announced the whole Galaxy Note7 affair is going to cost it more than $5 billion. Add to that the massive collapse in reputation. Will customers be able to trust Samsung products ever again? It’s one of the most pressing issues at Samsung right now.

While the company has declined to comment on salaries and potential job losses, a few employees have agreed to talk to Bloomberg and discuss the situation. The workers explained “A lot of people are worried about who will be held responsible […] We all want this to be resolved and put behind us.”

They also called the debacle “sad and shameful” but continued to maintain a certain positive attitude. Employees say the mobile unit is completely devoted to determining and addressing the cause behind the Note7 issue. They also hope to nail it with the next phone – hinting towards the Galaxy S8 release next year  – and wash away their sins in the process.