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Samsung getting the 3-peat? Another Nexus device?

So, for years, we’ve always heard that Nokia was the number one manufacturer on the planet.  Wasn’t so much around here, but globally that thing was like David Hasselhoff was to Germany.

Well, recently a stat has come out that shows that Samsung has finally ousted Nokia from the top spot.  Congrats Sammie!  44.5 MILLION phones worldwide.  Wowza.

And it’s no wonder that the rumours are already floating around that the Jelly Bean Nexus would be made by Samsung.

As much as I love the Samsung devices, I have my reservations.

With the HTC Nexus One we were getting the true Nexus device in Canada.  With the last 2 on Samsung we missed out because of … well that’s up to debate who blocked our ability in Canada to get a proper build with direct access to Google, but that’s 2 for 2.


But who else besides Samsung?  HTC?  They have some wicked One series phones.  I’m probably picking one up as part of a promotion our local carrier has (not sure I’ll switch entirely from the Nexus tho’).

LG?  Acer?  Motorola might be a clear choice, but they’re trying to be fair as they’re too close to each other.

Who’s your pick?


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  • Sony…By far the best looking android phones.

  • No LG. Not LG… ANYTHING but LG. 

  • Zimmer

    Motorola or Samsung !

  • Well like it or not, what are the most awaited phone?? Samsung Galaxy S3 what is the best selling Android phone from last year?? Samsung Galaxy S2 what phone Android a lot off people are saying is the best Android phone?? Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 
    So even if I like the looks of Sony’s phones and I really like HTC’s phones and Motorola are not bad either, BUT the bests for now at least are Samsung’s ones.
    And as far as the true  Android experience we all know that’s not a problem from Samsung but by Rogers, AT&T, Verizon, Telus, Bell etc… and they are the problem since the first Nexus.

    • Matt

      Nope. HTC’s Nexus One had the true Android experience. The iPhone has the… well… true Apple experience. There’s no reason Samsung couldn’t do the same if they wanted. All my “normal” friends with Samsung phones (who equate Samsung with Android) say “I wish I would’ve got the iPhone instead of the Android phone”. Samsung is giving Android a bad name.

      • Well, it’s your opinion and I do respect it but I’ve been using (and owning) almost every Samsung products (Android devices) as well as I did with HTC phones and some Motorola and even some Sony and LG, so if you are referring to there first products on Android they all were a bit crappy, but if you go back in time to the SGS and all the other that were produce since then by either Samsung HTC and all others company I don’t think that we can say Samsung as the worst product on the market. . Right now I’m using an HTC One X (love it but ate the fact that you can’t change the batteries, hoping the other won’t follow that “iPhone”way), a Samsung Note i717 (great business tool), a Galaxy S2 (can’t decide if I perfer it now that I got ICS on it) or my GNex that I really like a lot too. 
        Now, I admit you’re right with the HTC Nexus One, it was great and it was because it was the first One and was sold direct by Google, but we all know that even if it was a great phone it was a disaster as far as the sales are concerns. But I own a Nexus S and still love it not as much as my Nexus One, and for sure not as much as my GNexus but both are true Android. Evenmore, now that Samsung as release the sources for the Samsung S2 I can enjoy true ICS experience on it (but this is another subject), as well as on my HTC Desire HD, for the same reasons.And when you are saying that there is no reason as why Samsung couldn’t do the same if they wanted..sure but would you pay (as I do) 600-700$ for your phones, maybe, but I’m not sure most people will as it as been prouve with the HTC Nexus One, so this is eactly why I said that Samsung wasn’t the one to blame but that the BIGs service providers are and THEY are the one that make phones affordables even if it’s still, in my own opinion, a scam, especialy here in Canada with 3 YEARS contracts.Finally as for your “normal” friends, well depending on the phones they had it might be true but anyone wtih a GNex or a SGS2 who say that he or she would have rather buy an iPhone, deserve to get stuck with an iPhone.
        So last but not least, if you think Samsung is giving Android a bad name, well it is your opinion and I’m not trying to convince you that they are not. BUT I would say that I don’t have the same opinion nor Google as I can see nor a whole lot of people, and we can always say that even a bad name is better than no name, and this is eactly what Samsung is doing they gave and still are giving, Android an ENORMOUS NAME and making it more and more popular, so just for this they also deserve my respect, and even more for all the fights they are giving Apple.

  • Matt


    Seriously though, I just want a stable, nice looking Android phone. Samsung has proven over and over again they can’t deliver. After the trouble I had with my S2, I swore I’d only ever buy a Nexus phone again. Then the Galaxy Nexus came along and now I don’t know what to think anymore. No more Samsung!